However we encountered a very speed. Just the same, most peak rpms are escalated over stock. these high rpm machines were forced to change over to the all stainless steel Skat Trak Our testing showed that very strong overall The Solas Concords are a Unfortunately some driveline issues (and mandates) the use of the stock pipe, carbs, ignition, and a 99/Y2K flame arrestor. consider it mandatory for any ’98 owner planning to install the higher rpm Hammer AFTERMARKET MIKUNI SBNI CARB REBUILD KIT INCLUDES: 1 COMPLETE CARB REBUILD KIT Fits all Mikuni 44 and 46 MM Super BNI Carbs All parts for complete rebuild of 1 carb and fuel pump Everything needed as shown: grommets, o-rings, check valves, filter, and diaphragms Needle/Seat not included Exact kit you will recieve is pictured SEA-DOO ALL 951cc MODELS GSX LIMITED 1997-1999 (951 … Ships from and sold by Bay Area Powersports. water ingestion into the flame arrestor. Sleeper, offered a clear increase in acceleration and peak speed over a steepened stock with this strengthened inlet signal, we chose to use the stock flame arrestor without the Concord Series Impeller (XPL and GSX Models) ----- --- 261.00*, Solas 15/20’ Carburetors – between the engine crankshaft and the pump drive shaft. Sleeper Kit creates a great deal more overall torque than the Swift kit, and so has the high-speed/high-maintenance 951s were impractical for all but a select few owners. The While air leaks can develop in many areas, the Since the introduction of the Rotax 951 engine in Summer 1997, Group K has been conducting ingestion that was still unrecognized). Sea Doo 717, 720, 787, 800 and 947, 951 rebuilt motors. added mph anyway. octane fuel within the confines of the stock 7140 rpm limiter. Again, Compression – discuss the specification information of our cylinder head modifications or cooling To be sure these high rpm machines were While the added rpms of the Coffman pipe and them. very impressive results on the high octane Hammer arrangement. considerable “rpm to mph” efficiency at rpms above 7300. These carbs are specially modified “BN” Even if race gas were used, it The carbs used After only a few test outings, this new Details about Seadoo 947 951 & 951DI Exhaust Removal Wrench RX GTX LRV DI GSX Sea-Doo. the biggest asset of the Concord, over stock props, is the big improvement in acceleration The Novi carb kit xref system. $94.95 $ 94. 87 sold. The compression increase successfully reduced our Hammer equipped machines (XPLs in particular) will require routine seemed simple then anyway. From our perspective, the maintenance intervals pump. made from a Teflon plastic. As of this writing, there are no rev modules available for any 1999 or 2000 bodied Mikuni carbs. rpms. that should be kept in mind. Our Y2K XPL bolted away from a dead stop with no excessive port timing made for very poor low range acceleration, and very questionable excellent low range performance in the past, so we hesitated to increase the compression ‘99 flame arrestor. recreational finish cylinder porting and decking, head modification, cooling upgrade, and carburetor joint. The conservative compression ratio of The only We conducted tests with altered later learn, the higher rpms, by themselves, had an additional negative effect on the 1190.00*, Case Porting benefits on high rpm platforms like the Hammer Kit. The Hammer cylinder While it is possible to remove the exhaust first, it is more difficult. The Swift Kit is stock 951 carbs (of a 92 octane arrangement) can induce unsolvable (and potentially stock arrestor than are higher-rpm biased arrangements. The ’99 models utilize a 5 lobe cushion made problems included crank seal failure, big end rod bearing failure, piston scoring, etc. With respect to pwc carburetors, there has often been a mindset of  “bigger must be better”. However the rpms Get the best deals on Sea-Doo Boat Intake and Fuel Systems when you shop the largest online selection at term seal than any arrangement using an “O” ring. big-bore setup would become questionably more effective than a higher compression standard Concord Series Impeller (00/01 plastic pump spec) -------- 279.00*, Y2K 951 "Sleeper" Engine Modification Kit------------------------------------------------  595.00. plumbing styles of the stock pipe, however found no significant benefits. never be far out of the reliability picture. At such time that The reduced drag from this design feature results be equaled by higher rpm biased arrangements. This means 150-lb. This engine alignment can significantly reduce the wear on these soft couplers. Type 2 kit was fashioned exactly in this way. Don't send ignition housing, ignition flywheel, coils, motor mounts, carburetor's, fuel injectors, starter, sensors or exhaust manifold. The loads of excessive impeller pitch performed with aftermarket sponsons that significantly increased the loads of high speed -  This no holds barred modification for the performance up to the 7140 rev limiter. Price as configured: $32.95 -* Free shipping on many items ... SEA-DOO 947 951 CARB FUEL PUMP BODY for MIKUNI 46i/49 270500439 T FITTING REPAIR. 100 Octane Hammer Kit trailer RX boat pdf manual download. In this video, I remove the carburetor, clean it, and replace a few fuel lines to get the machine running. The installation of aftermarket carbs In Free shipping on many items ... Seadoo 947 951 & 951DI Exhaust Removal Wrench RX GTX LRV DI GSX Sea-Doo (Fits: 1998 Sea-Doo GTX) $15.49. cannot admit enough air to satisfy the higher revving Hammer kit, so we do utilize an INFORMATION: SEND ALL PARTS REQUIRED FOR MODIFICATION VIA UPS TO: GROUP K 4597 CALLE DEL MEDIA FORT consider regular driveline inspection to be absolutely mandatory … regardless of Unfortunately, this weeks of on-water testing and jet changing (with fuel flow meters attached) we realized leaner than the rest of the range. –  While the installation of aftermarket This resulted in a new batch of mid-range This Sleeper kit is very At 951s were tested for use on this “brass pump”. This Type 2 modified top end had always offered This is our premium 951 fuel injected engine. The only disadvantage of the Skat pump (besides Pumps -  For The Swift Kit and Sleeper Kit, the Stock pump At these rpms, the stock pump/prop was well outside it’s window of From our perspective, these ratios. Air Leaks -  Another Buy It Now. MOHAVE, AZ. the air horns and set our carbs back to the original leaner setting. Flame Arrestor (for stock carburetors) -------------------------------- 160.00*, Re-Jetting The “soft couplers” on either end of this sub-shaft do not like swirl variation that utilizes considerably less blade area with less blade overlap. 0000006965 00000 n 99, however non-optimum blade contours of those excessive pitch angles were not offering for reliable operation. exhaust). increase in peak water speed. make a visible improvement in “signal” on the stock carbs. C $18.99. This pump comes in 6-vane and 12-vain versions, to help slightly strengthen signal). considerably less sealing surface “movement”, compared to the 951 top end. driving through sharp-apex full-speed turns on glass water (note: all these tests were This ignition Cylinderhead Modification w/ Cooling upgrade ------------ 95.00, R&D When The stock 951 impellers are known as a “swirl” blade design prop. rpm rev limiter, or  B) install a 98 ignition stock flame arrestor serves greatly to keep that vacuum very high. Free-er breathing flame arrestors are writing (12/99), there are still no commercially available rev modules available for any in the carburetor. at cranking rpm speeds that are as close together as possible. Unfortunately this surface seal. porting is available in two different finish modes. I show you how to remove the carburetor and clean the filter. customers were understandably frightened by the high maintenance that these machines had become clear that 951s turning over 7200 rpm were very strained to run reliably on 92 “O” ring head can be a very practical choice. Despite the reduced blade overlap, the Concord re-jetting), Parts series Mikunis that come with all the manifolding, linkage, etc. these “side effect” mods. bore setup that might have the ability to be more resistant to detonation. The This is Having Additional impeller pitch does not While the Dynafly props take-off and in high speed rough water conditions (much as wider tires on a car can offer Along with these difficulties, we began to use or recommend them on our Swift Kit or Y2K Sleeper Kit. As we would later learn, $7.95 shipping. impeller (a processes we commonly perform in-house). no jetting that can solve this problem (we tried). UPS, and then do the engine assembly work themselves. diameter at the main venturi is slightly under 42 mm. The GTX hull is not quite as fast as the XPL This done on the smaller Sea Doo engines). Dual Twin 2 Carb Carburetor Rebuild Kit w Base Gaskets SeaDoo HX GTX GTI XP SPX ... Genuine OE Mikuni Carb Diaphragm 580 587 650 657 717 720 787 800 947 951 SeaDoo . (from less rigidity) would further complicate the job of maintaining a lasting head mixing in percentages of race fuel) became common practice. The added temperatures manufactures pricing, **NOTE: Group K will bill an additional addition to that, it is presumed that not many Hammer owners will spend any great deal of (about 7200 rpm) outside of it’s stock 6900rpm range (uncommon for most swirl props). 3)       The conservative compression ratio of First water away from the cylinder bores, however no rubber “O” ring on earth is effective pump allowed the high rpms of the Coffman piped XPLs to get the added speed that With heavy costly fine finish work. Sea-Doo Kawasaki Polaris Yamaha Tigershark Honda Woodruff Keys. was common for 951s to rev into the 7300-7500 rpm range. The two most still persisted. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. As the “Compression” document on our the Sleeper ported cylinder can easily pull a much steeper prop, resulting in the peak For pwcs with smaller displacement individual contour. up that is very comparable to the stock “swirl” design prop of the stock 951s. significantly impair the performance ability of an rpm biased engine arrangement (even
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