Your health can suffer if you don't take the drugs as prescribed. TSA will allow you to bring your medication onto a plane via carry-on or checked baggage. In your situation it probably depends what drugs you're carrying eg morphine based ones will attract more attention than, say, anti inflammatories, and how large a quantity. Do not put them in checked luggage! Then I put the packed weed in a false bottom of a makeup compact and throw it in my makeup bag in my checked luggage. I have my pen in my carry-on, no cartridge attached. The little plastic bag they drop in a few grains of the powder, squeeze the bag to break the inner ampoule that holds reagents, and then shake (they hold the top of the bag and flick at the bottom repeatedly) and it changes colour if the powder is a known drug. I put my cartridges (out of their packaging of course) in with my toiletries in my checked-in bag. Obviously, you will not have access to your checked baggage when you are flying in the plane so if you are in doubt about whether or not you might need access to your medication, then I highly recommend that you pack it in your carry-on. I did put weed in a Baggie in my vagina once and my body was trying to reject the packet while I was on the security line. They never actively search for drugs / drug related paraphernalia. If your checked bag takes a vacation of its own to, say, Tahiti, you will be without your medications. I use antibacterial wipes to clean my hands between each step. Absolutely no smell. If your bag is checked and the knife is packed unsafely, your knife could get confiscated, or you could get sued if the security agent accidentally gets injured. They should setup a service where you checkin your luggage, they check it for drugs or illegal stuff, they seal it, and at arrival you get your suitcase with the guarantee that it had no drugs at checkin. That being said just put your party favors somewhere deep in your bag (pocket inside your clothes somewhere). Works every time! So luggage handlers can open my suitcase, put in some drugs, and at the other end I can get caught for having drugs in my luggage? I usually just keep my m inside a baggie in my wallet and no tsa or concert venue security has ever checked in there. Of course, the biggest reason not to put prescription drugs into checked bags is that bags sometimes get lost, and prescription drugs are sometimes difficult to replace. Drug traffickers, apparently tired of storing their stash in hangers, saris and sneakers, have found a new place to hide the goods: your luggage.So now you can pay a "checked baggage … If your luggage disappears into the mysterious black hole of missing checked bags, you’ll thank your former self for putting a clean pair of underwear and some socks aside in your carry-on bag. Best bet is to just put it in pants pocket folded in your checked baggage. Your goal is to safely secure your knives so that when the TSA inspectors screen them, they don’t have to open your bag to double-check. My OTC meds I split between hand luggage and checked luggage, on the grounds I could replace them locally if necessary. An entire outfit—enough to get you through a day or two at your destination in case your airline loses your suitcase—is even better. Any necessary medication should go in carry on luggage/handbag/tote. Don't go crazy trying to hide it because if they do find it the fact that you tried to smuggle it might make things worse.
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