This is harder to guess. A close English translation would be the word 'dodgy'. Where Is It Okay to Use Chinese Slang? Cantonese Internet Slang is prevalent among young Cantonese speakers and offers a reflection of the youth culture of Hong Kong. V4: You can now sync with the cloud database anytime for more questions! how do you say (this) in Cantonese? Here are eight Cantonese slang … Which, to anyone's imagination, definitely spells trouble indeed. All rights reserved. These restaurants have witnessed the city’s growth over the past decades. Pick up some phrases from Luisa Tam. The word “heart” nestles in the middle of the traditional Chinese character for “love”. The following excel file is from the "Dictionary of Cantonese Slang". a monocotyledonous plant of genus Allium allied to garlic, used as vegetable and spice. Onion slang means: A watch seal. Advertising. It may seem like an odd phrase, but this slang is often used as an abbreviation of the full saying – 捉蟲入屎忽 (juk chung yup si fat) – that involves putting said worms up your rear end. Seal (v. t.): To close by means of a seal; as, to seal a … "Moh lei tau" became popular with younger people and secondary school students, and the groups began to use it. Edit: Perhaps I wasn't very clear, I'm trying to find if there's Cantonese dubs of season 2/book 2 ATLA. 94 九四 (jiǔ sì) My best guess would be it comes from the saying 竹织鸭 in Cantonese which literally translated as Bamboo-weaved Duck,a traditional toy. We already have this email. Frequently seen on social media – though you can use it in person too – this phrase describes the blinding radiance emitted by a pair of lovebirds openly displaying their affection for one another. So Chinese internet slang exists, and can be a fun way of communication. However, as useful as Chinese slang words are, they are difficult to learn. English to Chinese dictionary with Mandarin Pinyin & Handwriting Recognition - learn Chinese faster with MDBG! See more words with the same meaning: an ounce . It is usually used to describe a backstabber who appears to be innocent or even dim but turns out to be utterly devious. Onions don’t grow on the moon 27. All the content in this app are written in Chinese. Unsuccessfully. A multipurpose phrase used to describe a person who has gotten themselves into some sort of spectacular disaster. But I'm also glad that you guys find out it's available in Cantonese as well. Chinese slang usually can’t be learned from formal courses, but you’ll hear it all around you half the time when conversing with native speakers. More slang meanings / definitions of A watch seal or words, sentences containing A watch seal? Play with your words! A not-so definitive guide to local phrases you should add to your vocabulary. A monocotyledonous plant of genus Allium allied to garlic, used as vegetable and spice. This being said, it’s worth understanding the places where it’s appropriate to use Chinese slang, and when you would be better served use a more conventional Chinese vocabulary. This phrase can be used to describe a person, specifically a man, being cheated on. This term means to get yourself into trouble, causing unnecessary difficulties. This Chinese catchword works more or less like an adjective, and means “like a dog” (Adjective + 成狗). - Learn Cantonese … Lizard: Chinese: Rumor that the Chinese evolved from lizards. Looking to impress your Cantonese-speaking friends? Knowing slang is kind of like being initiated into a secret club of cool kids. tired like a dog. Translation for 'onion' in the free English-Chinese dictionary and many other Chinese translations. Learn Cantonese Slang: ... ginger, spring onion and chilli. To put in simpler terms, if you’re currently two-timing your boyfriend, you're giving him a green hat to wear. The edible bulb of the onion plant which is used in many ... (obsolete baseball slang) A ball. 0:47. The edible bulb of the onion plant which is used in many dishes. (li go) h i gon dUng wa dim gon a? Meaning of the slang word or phrase Onion. Used to describe the process by which a girl accumulates many male 'friends' with the sole purpose of friend-zoning them and utilising them to help her run tedious errands or even getting them to buy her expensive gifts. 廣東話的粗口 – Cantonese profanities, puns and slang Posted on July 13, 2015 July 14, 2015 by Paulina T.-Chan - myhongkonghusband Even thought there’s no chance we can live in Hong Kong in the nearest future, I’m still excited for our annual trip back home at the end of September .Not to mention it’s a chance for me to practice my (broken) Cantonese. As for duck. Military term for a newbie or green troop. Jessica Tryde Guest Blogger (Attention non-Cantonese speaking HK residents) There’s nothing more fascinating, more bewildering than seeing a foreigner articulate an emotion via local Cantonese slang. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! There are no English translation. Two way of talking in Cantonese slang is " Moh lei tau ." A metaphor for sloughing off all your responsibilities to someone else. You can learn Cantonese Chinese in just 5 minutes a day with our free app! (colloquial, chiefly archaic) A person from Bermuda or of Bermudian descent. Local Cantonese all included! Déjà vu! I'm from Malaysia if it helps. I find Cantonese to be much nicer than English for this series. Slang phrase of Cantonese origin from Hong Kong referring to inhaling the vapor from heated morphine, heroin, oxycodone or opium that has been placed on a piece of foil. Check out the funny videos by popular YouTuber Carlos Douh, who has previously worked with our partner Eureka and taught English as a Native English Teacher in Hong Kong! Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data, Tears came into my eyes when I was chopping. If you’re trying to impress a local with this, well prepare […] If you want to learn even more awesome Chinese slang, check out FluentU. This stir-fried seasoning produces a unique savoury flavour that brings out the freshness of the seafood. An onion can make a bland sauce 32. A term to describe someone who takes a nonchalant attitude towards life. Their dialogue is loaded with slang that the producers and writers invented, because words and meanings do get lost in translation. I don’t mean “Nei Ho Ma” and “Sik Tang Ng Sik Gong – that’s so last-decade. This phrase describes people who are unable to properly communicate with each other, whether due to language barriers or different values. They are not like cakes 29. A not-so definitive guide to local phrases you should add to your vocabulary. It is often adapted with self-created and out-of-tradition forms. The 'slang' of the title refers to a wide range of Hong Kong vernacular Cantonese speech styles, notably the language of the underworld (a major source of innovation in late 20th-21st century speech), of teenagers, and of Hong Kong movies and comics. Refers to the pitiful cue ballish hair cut that new recruits get during basic training. Onions has 3 vowels 33. Slang words are awesome to know because they are a mirror of current Chinese culture. onion: [noun] an ounce of marijuana. V3: Content updated with lots questions added! The way they’re gripping the toilet seat resembles the way bus drivers hold a steering wheel. FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. This term is used to describe someone who have had one too many drinks and is about to be sick in the toilet. bulbous plant having hollow leaves cultivated worldwide for its rounded edible bulb. Old-school Cantonese slang we should bring back today. restaurants have witnessed the city’s growth over the past decades. And no. Any help is appreciated. Whether it's commonly used words or the latest new slang, we've got them all. Onions have skins 34. It can be treated as a Cantonese dictionary and I have taken away the gang secret languages. Cantonese term used to refer to American-born Chinese: Kitchen Sink: Chinese: Cockney rhyming slang, chink = kitchen sink: Kung-fu: Chinese: Chinese delivery person, mainly 'Is that Kung-Fu with my Lo Mein?' A plant of the genus Allium used as a vegetable and spice. Very fragrant with a powerfully spicy, crisp bite! A fairly common phrase, the phrase means to manipulate someone into a false sense of security. Hey man, can you get me an onion for $100? In Chinese slang, a dinosaur is a term used to describe an unattractive woman. Related Videos. Cantonese slang and trending colloquial expressions are delightful to learn. Onion spelled backwards is noinO 28. 15 Cool Mandarin Slang Words for the Beginning Chinese Learner 1. © 2021 Time Out Hong Kong Company Limited and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. Cantonese Internet Slang (Chinese: 廣東話網上俗語) is an informal language originating from Internet forums, chat rooms, and other social platforms. Nowadays in China, a lot of sayings are used to express how tired or bored we feel, but the most popular slang expression is this one: “累成狗” (leì chéng gǒu, tired like a dog). How do a chicken and a duck communicate, you ask? See more words with the same meaning: marijuana . Cantonese slang you need to know right now, Photograph: Courtesy cc/wikicomnmons/Cucadremi. The "chasing" occurs as the user gingerly keeps the liquid moving in order to keep it from coalescing into a single, unmanageable mass. By Time Out Hong Kong Posted: Thursday October 8 2020 Share Tweet. ɐ̌i lǒu] ()) is a common Cantonese slang term for Westerners.In the absence of modifiers, it refers to white people and has a history of racially deprecatory and pejorative use, although it has been argued that it has since acquired a more neutral connotation. The phrase is most commonly used to describe someone who fakes an illness and skips a day at the office in order to avoid work and responsibilities. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. With vocabulary, dialog and slang that are funny and used in daily conversation! If onion was a number it would be 151491514 31. Mao: Chinese: From Mao Tse-tung, original leader of communist China. Here you can find the translation for "Onion" and a mnemonic illustration to help you remember it. So asking "What sort of spring onion are you " is actually saying Who the F you think you are you piece of s***. Chinese slang #2: Tired like a dog 累成狗 leì chéng gǒu. No, not something you say when you want your mutt to do his or her business. Onion is pronounced UN-YIN 30. Or, check out our list of Cantonese phrases that we think should be added to the Oxford English Dictionary! By Time Out Hong Kong Posted: Monday October 26 2020 Time Out is a registered trademark of Time Out Digital Limited. Cantonese slang you need to know right now. I am in my 70s, it was my grandfather's story whilst I was young. Literally meaning trap, this word is an adjective used to describe something that's of questionable or misleading quality, and thus likely to cause someone to fall into a 'trap'. If you are having a Buddhist-style love life, it means you do nothing to rush and just wait to be approached as you believe whatever will be, will be! Chinese natives will know that you “get it”, and you will feel like you fit in with the gang. Or do you just want to get down with the cool kids and show off your knowledge of popular Canto sayings? Cantonese phrases that we think should be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, Best Hong Kong memes only Hongkongers will understand, Classic Hong Kong restaurants that shaped the city. Cantonese is the lingua franca of Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong.Compared with other varieties of Chinese, Cantonese is known for its rich and colorful colloquialisms – some delightful, some rude, some funny, and others simply bizarre. Want to know if your Cantonese-speaking colleagues are gossiping about you? (colloquial, chiefly archaic) A person from Bermuda or of Bermudian descent. if you would like to know more about Cantonese, download it NOW! Cookies help us deliver our services. Onion slang means: A watch seal. December 1, 2014 by Deceth 32 Comments. Similar to exclaiming ‘you’re screwed!’. Try another? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. No matter what is said, the chicken and duck just can’t seem to understand each other. This phrase describes the situation when a person is working one job but is actually on the lookout for something better at the same time. This saying can also be applied to relationships. RECOMMENDED: Apart from popular phrases, there are many old-school phrases that should definitely make a comeback. A person from Bermuda or of Bermudian descent. Of course in real life if you call any one onion or duck in Mandarin or Cantonese it would make no sense. Onions don’t like garlic 35. there are nice deep fried as rings 36. Rather, this expression is the English equivalent of ‘raining cats and dogs’ – just not as cute. Onion rhymes with bunion 37. Thanks for subscribing! Chow Sing Chi, a comedy actor, started the slang in the 1990s. Get started with this handy guide featuring our picks of Cantonese phrases you should know right now. could you speak slower please? Your parents will be pleased! This conveys the idea that love lies in the heart. tsen lei gon man di: Back to Learn Cantonese.
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