I'm a person who plays Blazblue on Xbox one and I personally loved the English Dub. Report. Get your favourite pc game now. What's in the booox? The Japanese dub was alright but I felt that the English dub gave more emotion and life to the characters. I hope they add a dub patch or dlc. The company has clarified its original statement with addi Rezension aus dem Vereinigten Königreich vom 28. Thi… 2 years ago . It also has an English dub, which is a big deal for a lot of people. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition - PlayStation 3 at Amazon.com. New chevron_right. After listening to someone's advice here I ended up buying Central Fiction as my first Blazblue game.The game is going to arrive soon and as with all games I want to buy/wait to deliver I looked at more gameplay and read some more stuff about the game and I came across a video and some threads regarding the lack of an english dub. Still, Centralfiction did take the unusual step of not including an English dub, a first for the series. BlazBlue Central Fiction. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Blazblue Centralfiction at a huge discount. In terms of variety and content, Chronophantasma Extend is the best in the series. We made a tough decision, but stick by it.". Games. Recently added 32 View all 1,205. Bursting with features, new characters, new music, great story and a bittersweet ending. In wake of the news that Central Fiction would not be dubbed, fans created a Change.org petition requesting for an English dub via DLC. Michael Rodriguez. Follow. anacceptablename. Trending chevron_right. It also may count as a big case of. BlazBlue: Central Fiction is coming to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this Holiday. OMG, BB has so great voice over. chevron_left. Does Central Fiction have an english dub? Exclusive to PS4 and PS3 and set to release simultaneously alongside the standard edition this November, the limited edition of the latest BlazBlue entry boasts a gaggle of great content. Please include a dub via DLC. Thanks for adding your voice. Discover more posts about blazblue-dub. Being the first game without an English Dub in the series is a massive disappointment to many fans and has gained a lot of support already. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. I played blazblue with both Japanese dub and English dub, I preferred the English dub. People may be saddened at the conspicuous lack of an English dub, but I at least see no impact on my enjoyment of the game. And that has made the Western fanbase rather upset, and rightfully so. ! BlazBlue: Central Fiction arrives in North America today, bringing fresh mechanics and a host of new fighters to Arc System Works’ unique fighting game series. BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition Nintendo™ Switch – Asia. Behold, 2D titans! #blazblue #blazblue central fiction #blazblue dub #petition #dub #link #save the dub. I am a huge fan of fighting games, and the two games i love the most are Blazblue series and Guilty gear series. Earlier this year, it was announced by Aksys games that BlazBlue: Central Fiction would not be getting an English dub. - Page 2. The gameplay does get a bit stagnant at times, but I at least enjoyed the game regardless. Come the release of the game, the online is a mess with a lot of disconnections and lag occurring, with the netcode not getting patched in for a month+ after launch. Aksys Games has recently announced what is included in the Limited Edition of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, a new character, and updates about the state of the English dub of the game. The publisher tweeted out earlier this week that the dub is "unlikely" at this point. Aksys later confirmed that a dub would have pushed the release of Centralfiction back by six months or more. Set enthält: 1x game disk ... letdown by lack of English Dub. Also, I'm don't belive when devs tell us something like "Basically boiled down to- game now w/ no dub. It would go along way to restore a lot of the good will lost by this decision. Browse all chevron_right; Browse all chevron_right. BlazBlue: Central Fiction, released in Japan as BlazBlue: Centralfiction (ブレイブルー セントラルフィクション, BureiBurū: Sentorarufikushon) is a 2-D fighting video game developed by Arc System Works. . close. Log in Sign up. It was because of the English dub, that I got into blazblue in the first place. 1 … Hopefully, Central Fiction adds in those English voices as DLC to make this game feel truly complete. For BlazBlue: Central Fiction on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Does this really not have an English dub?" Featured DLC. Blazblue: central fiction für PS4!. Central Fiction Extend, now featuring an English dub, new balance, and the return of Unlimited characters. gekinetic. 13 notes. Follow. . The first thing being that the game wouldn't be receiving an English dub, which may seem like not a big deal, but the dub for the Blazblue games were GREAT, and what a lot of fans associated with the franchise. September 2019. I am so excited about the release of the latest Blazblue (Centralfiction) today, but sadly a bit budget tight and unable to get the game, so i thought i'd turn here for help especially from you guys where are keen on fighting games i know you know how i feel!So please help. Es has been confirmed to be a free DLC character for the first two weeks after launch day. “Central Fiction adds enough characters, mechanics and fine tunes its already nearly flawless gameplay into something that feels as amazing to play as it looks.” 9.0/10 – ZTGD “If BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the end (and I don't think it will be), it's a fitting one.” 8.5/10 – Destructoid. It is the fourth game in the BlazBlue series, and is set after the events of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. It's a crime removing eng dub from this game. Aksys has also confirmed that Central Fiction will not be receiving an English dub, marking it the first BlazBlue title that is not dubbed at launch. And now that they're pushing (Which already has its own controversy with its DLC program) for release, and it will be dubbed, the backlash has come back, especially because Central Fiction was not dubbed and it runs the risk of. View all games. Please note that supporting any of these petitions will only push to have the Dub released as a Patch or DLC and will not push back the release of the game, but will likely save BlazBlue. Recent Top. Tweet. Between the rock soundtrack, emotionally challenging story scenes and lovely backgrounds, there is something for … 0; Share. . If Aksys approaches us to dub Central Fiction later on, I will happily eat crow—and do it publicly, when we’re cleared to discuss the dub. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle getting a dub, two years later, didn't help things, as there is still people outraged by Central Fiction's case who will take that as more salt in the wound. Verifizierter Kauf . Aksys also confirmed via Twitter that the game will not ship with English voice acting, and that there are no plans to dub the title post-release. Gamethrill - Cheap gaming for everyone. chevron_right . BlazBlue: Central Fiction is an installment in the storied BlazBlue franchise and stands alone as the pinnacle of next gen 2D fighters! BlazBlue: Centralfiction(ブレイブルー セントラルフィクション,BureiBurū: Sentorarufikushon), known outside Japan as BlazBlue: Central Fiction, is the fourth game in the BlazBlue series, and the final game of Ragna’s story as the main protagonist and the final C-Series mainline game. BlazBlue: Central Fiction releases October 6 in Japan, Winter 2016 in North America, and Q4 2016 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Mods. Hope mods getting it back ASAP. Aksys Games and Arc System Works proudly announce the BlazBlue: Central Fiction Limited Edition and launch DLC details! In just 4 days... 1800 People have signed this petition to try and make Blazblue Central Fiction’s dub a reality! BlazBlue: Central Fiction, released in Japan as BlazBlue: Centralfiction (ブレイブルー セントラルフィクション, BureiBurū: Sentorarufikushon) is a 2-D fighting video game developed by Arc System Works.It is the fourth game in the BlazBlue series, and is set after the events of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.It is also the final game with Ragna as the main protagonist. Impressive, But I suspect we need MORE, sign now! BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition, the definitive edition of BlazBlue: Central Fiction, was first revealed to be coming out on Nintendo Switch during last year’s Tokyo Game Show.However, PQube and Arc System Works confirmed that the game will only be available at retail in Japan and Europe. My almost infinite excitement to see the conclusion to Ragna the Bloodedge’s story in Blazblue: Central Fiction, one of my favorite fighting games out there, will be dampened just a little bit. Rumors has it that Arc System Works upcoming 2D fighting game 'BlazBlue: Central Fiction' might not receive a dub in the West. Like a well-timed 2D punch, BlazBlue: Central Fiction bashes massive amounts of content and innovation into one slick title that hits hard and keeps the pummeling steady! BlazBlue Central Fiction is a well earned end and a great buy. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Game 6-8 months later w/ dub. Great game, great new addition to the Blazblue series. videogame_asset My games. Aksys Games began addressing fan concerns over the possibility of no English dubbing for the upcoming Western console release of BlazBlue: Central Fiction.
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