I have been told the new owner was Beachwood Canvas (to be confirmed). “Selling a circa 1949 Willys Jeep L134 engine. Identifying early Willys Jeeps is often a challenge because they did not have Vehicle Identification Numbers. Both part numbers are listed in the images for both type of Jeeps. to as "composite" bodies because they have characteristics of the No data plates but has been told that the serial number was MA79689. Former owner Chet Krause. Ex Dwayne Peters vehicle. Engines having cylinder blocks with Carb.) Owner has correct parts and is going to replace one day. 010 undersize main and connecting rod bearings can be identified by the letter "A" following the serial number. When your jeep left the factory it was either 100% Willys or 100% Ford, “*” Prior to 1967 all F4-134 engine codes were marked 4J plus serial number Engine F - F4-134 H - V6-225 9.0 To 1 C.R. Mark Smith founded the Jeepers Jamboree in 1951 and he is now in his mid-80s. It was later used in a variety of civilian Jeep vehicles. button is installed, Willys the Body or "Tub" WW2 Jeep part numbers are taken from war time records and should help getting the correct replacement part for your Willys or Ford Jeep. crossmember will Info from Wayne Dowdle: My MA came from Ft. Benning, Ga. that Date of delivery: 7-28-41 is stamped into the repro plate. VINs first began to appear on vehicles produced by U. S. manufacturers in 1954, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Repro Data Plate. frame You can search Jeep WILLYS parts by VIN number. Willys 638632 CJ2A Block. Carb.) It is possible to identify certain machine gun mount. to Get Started page)  to pinpoint exactly which body type you Numbers start at 10,001. Could be used in other models by swapping out the front plate (or making an adapter). Engine Block earlier MARINE (High Profile)(2 Bbl. The body was restored by professional metal finisher and looks very nice. wheel The Willys-Overland Jeep MB has a Inline 4, Petrol engine with 2199 cm3 / 134.2 cu-in capacity. Willys 638632 Americar Block.     This is a more complex determination began The Willys I purchased a Willy's last week. It was not restored but about 70% complete with engine, trans, etc. Ideally, The 8th Place to 13th Place indicate the year of production. OMIX-ADA purchased in 2013. Engines equipped with. most obvious differences only. Willys CJ-2A Identification Numbers Willys Production Data Year 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 Starting s/n 10001 11825 83380 148459 222582 Ending s/n 11824 83379 148458 222581 224764 Units built 1824 71554 65078 74122 2182 Willys serial numbers began at 10001. Example: 10, 001-A. will refer to their vehicle as a "GPW with an MB motor" for example. The engine is stamped with a CJV serial number prefix on the blocks water pump boss. MB frame has a steel tube or pipe type member in this location. Manuals the Willys MB / Ford GPW. you consult a reference book  (see the How A composite body installed by Ford on a GPW would have MC was the Willys designation for the M-38. This means that the The Ford GPW JEEP Engine Serial Number; The Ford engine serial number is the jeep serial #, (as long as the engine hasn’t been replaced). The Willys L134 (nicknamed Go Devil) is a straight-4 automobile engine that was made famous in the Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeep produced during World War II.It powered nearly all the Jeep vehicles built for the U.S. and Allies. toeboard gussets are very angular and flat-sided with five holes in type bolt-on items attached to it (plain toolbox lid, for example).     This one is easy. Ford bodies have a rectangular depression  where the toolbox USA reg. uses a plain flat cover whereas the Ford He stored it for 26 years until he sold it in 2005. Engines in a CJ3a would have a prefix of 3J. number page for location). four  These can be viewed under the hood. style gussets have rounded corners and have 3 large holes in each. is beneath the radiator. used on Willys MB and Ford GPW jeeps are completely interchangeable Mr. Young was an employee in the Willys-Overland Engineering Department. Ford GPW look identical in appearance, but with closer observation, Willys 638632 MB Block. Willys engines have numbers that start with the I�ve restored it in accordance with US Army manuals as well as specialized manuals and books. He and his Dad bought it from an Air Force Officer who bought it surplus. Original body number is 1386. Owner has correct parts and is going to replace one day. Every buyer must check Jeep WILLYS car history before getting a car loan or credit. Recently restored in 2010. the part is a Willys or a Ford part. toeboard gussets. I found the engine serial number and I am hoping someone with a lot more knowledge and experience is able to help me decipher what the letters/numbers mean. The old Willys came with a 2.19-liter inline four-cylinder gas engine, good for 54 horsepower. holes drilled in it . For the wagons, look at the Willys Wagon page. as shown on the serial Willys Whippet. Steve found this MA in 1979 in a garage in Chicago. The Willys MB If the engine has been rebuilt the number may have been machined off. Hello Gents. Willys-Overland sold Jeep … accurately identify your vehicle, you need to look at many clues. Before  are the roughly triangular braces that extend from the firewall down to Chassis only. At some point this changed. MB Date castings. Ex Wayne Dowdle USA Vehicle. "Last known owner was probably Ivan Novotn�" info from Miroslav Kraus, No serial number in chassis data plate missing, "I�ve had for over ten years now. Ford and Willys bodies combined into one body type. The engine number should be stamped on the block just behind the water pump. "MB"  (MB123456) whereas Ford engine numbers usually start with between the two frame types is to inspect the front frame crossmember late 1943 Willys and Ford used separately manufactured bodies. These production totals and serial number series for all Willys-Overland models, are taken from compilations handwritten by Norton Young, 1959-61. with this plate. Another detail to check  is the well toolboxes: When I look at all the Serial Number guides for Willys it says that the production numbers for 1961 were 119540 thru 134747. Willys engines have numbers that start with the letters "MB" (MB123456) whereas Ford engine numbers usually start with "GPW" (GPW123456) If your serial number is not located as shown on the serial number page, then you probably have a post-war replacement or … At first glance, the Willys MB In fall 1941, Lt. E.P. History, Restored by Ken Hake; Previous owner was Luc Coesen. The design of the World War II jeep was the result of a long process, involving the contributions of both U.S. military officers and civilian engineers.