D… The moon adds to this theme, with a message indicating physical evidences can be deceptive (hence the blindfold). Two of Swords Tarot Card Description. It … Two of swords tarot card meanings upright. You must be able to weigh up the pros and cons of each choice and then make a conscious judgment. He or she is blindfolded with a cloth of the same color as the robe. You are your own worst enemy when an addiction or a bad habit propels you to take your ball and go home rather than play a supportive role in the game of life. At this point, neither two sides would be humble, so it was certainly impossible to make any further progress, perhaps until one party chooses to make concessions. But the truth is, Two of Swords is one of the clearest, strongest and most meaningful cards in the 78-card Tarot deck. The Two of Swords tarot is depicted as young woman blindfolded while holding a pair of swords. The Tower is an indicator that a major upheaval in your life is in the works. When your Tarot reading begins, a few cards are drawn and placed before you to be read. In the Two of Swords card, there is a seated woman that is blindfolded while holding a sword in each of her hands. This card signifies calmness and being able to control one’s emotions. Their decisions greatly depend on the effect they will have on others, suggesting that this person often compromises a great deal to avoid rocking the boat. The High Priestess knows all but only tells when asked. Use both your head (your mind and the intellect) and your heart (your feelings and intuition) to choose the path that is most in alignment with your Higher Self. The Two of Swords as a person seeks harmony in every aspect of life. When it appears in a Tarot spread as a positive, strength or advantage, the Two of Swords means that you and another person which you’re reading about are well-matched. As a result, you are finding yourself feeling stuck and unable to move forward, which is just making the situation worse. This way, no two readings are alike. The matching colors of the blindfold and robe indicate that there is a choice in the wearing of the blindfold. Have you been avoiding a decision? With it, the ability to attack or defend is impossible. The Two of Swords is the lower echo of The High Priestess (card #2) and The Hanged Man (card #12). The card symbolizes the woman's struggle to keep her feelings within herself and fending off outside approaches. She is seated and holding two identical swords in each of her crossed hands. You are caught between a rock and a hard place, and it feels impossible to make the ‘right’ decision as you believe either option will lead to negative consequences. Some cards challenge the fence-sitting that is inherent in the Two of Swords. Make your decisions based on your own internal compass. Parker. When the Two of Swords is in the past position it recalls a stagnant time. Two of Swords. Remove the blinders and look at the situation from a different angle. The Two of Swords symbolizes making peace with the feeling of being “in between.” In between life stages, in between jobs, in between relationships, in between projects, in between moving situations, in between friendships, in between career goals, in between big plans, etc. Two of Swords as a Positive, Strength or Advantage. The Two of Swords Upright is a ‘No’ tarot card. Both possibilities may seem equally good – or equally bad – and you are stumped about which will lead you to the best outcome. When The Emperor is present, the refusal to make decisions is part of a master plan to maintain your power. A female figure sits blindfolded, as she calmly balances two swords across her shoulders. These cards do not stand alone. The rocky waters indicate that no ship can dock; more than any other card in the deck, this one illustrates best the concept that nothing can happen. We spend too much time on the surface. Many decks illustrate the person’s shoes as matching the color of the Moon. Behind the woman is a body of water dotted with rocky islands. The mind discerns and chooses but it is the soul that breathes life. The Two of Swords is a rather thematically neutral element in the minor arcana, in that is does not specifically refer to the professional, personal, or romantic domain. Two Of Swords. The Two of Swords is the second tarot card in the suit of Swords. Tarot card images courtesy of the Everyday Tarot, The Wild Unknown and Lumina Tarot. The blindfold over her eyes tell us that the woman is confused about her plight and that she can see neither the problem nor the solution clearly. Learn more about the connection that the Two of Swords shares with the other cards numbered two in the Tarot deck. It is also possible that the woman in the Two of Swords has intentionally chosen to put on the blindfold to avoid making a choice. In Tarot, swords represent thoughts and mind. The Two of Swords reversed suggests that you are facing a difficult decision and cannot decide which direction to take. The swords she holds are in perfect balance, suggesting that she is weighing her thoughts and addressing both sides of the situation to find the best resolution. You may also like to draw four more cards, for the pros and cons of each choice. The Devil card appearing with the Two of Swords means that a deep character flaw of yours will be pulling you towards resignation. The swords point off the card, indicating that no goal or definition of a goal is in sight. Sift through the advice available to select only the most relevant and helpful. They each have individual meanings that combine and contrast with the other cards in the reading. In a reading, this illustrates the confused state we are in, when we have an intellectual decision to make. Again, you can only put it off so long; at some point, you have to make a move. Expect the Two of Swords to appear in your Tarot reading if these descriptions hit too close to home. All of the stubbornness and fear from this card disappear when you know the Two of Swords is on its way – allowing you the power to keep your cool and maintain control. Love this deck?Buy theEveryday Tarot Deck, UPRIGHT: Difficult decisions, weighing up options, an impasse, avoidance, REVERSED: Indecision, confusion, information overload, stalemate. The two swords accidentally created a deadlock, a dead end. Decide whether you honestly have a role to play and whether you can create peace between the two opposing parties. Two of swords in a general reading. 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