Bright White Integrated LED Linkable Shop Light Fixture from the Home Depot for around $35: I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with Home Fixated in sponsored content. But the real story is more il-LUMEN-nating: The incandescent bulbs, at 1,600 lumens each, would provide 14,400 total lumens. To hang them, you either need either some 8d finish nails or some screw hooks. Installing LED strip lights. This should allow me to stow away way more tools than I’ll ever have, with room to spare to crank out projects of mammoth proportion. Your email address will not be published. The LED shop lights I used had one more installation option: Linked end-to-end. And it looks spiffier, too. Step 2: Install the Hook. Test the new lights … I also want the rest of the space to be well lit. If you’re only putting up one light, slide the power cord in securely, hang it up, plug it in, and flame on! Installing LED Shop Lights. • Chain, Cord, Mounting Hardware Included If the space you’re working in has a ceiling with open ceiling joists, and there are no plans to close it in with drywall or another finish material, finish nails are a cheap and easy way to hang the lights. With your budget in mind, you need to make sure that you know if you can replace everything, or if you should take it a couple of lights at a time. Buy the 4 ft. I used the included linking cords, which are 12” long, to connect each row of LED shop lights together. One is 9750 lumens and uses 75 watts of power. Install the cover plates and turn on the power. Apply the supplied warning label to the fixture so that future users will know the fixture has been converted to … Using extension cords to get power to the lights isn’t a great idea, so plan your layout so the first light, with its five-foot power cord, is within reach of an outlet. The LED shop lights come with no cables attached; there’s a recessed connector at each end of the light. I have 8 shop lights that I just received and have no way to hook them up to A/C power. But it WILL be almost all mine, and now that the power is finally hooked up, I can’t wait to get my tools set up and eventually MAKE something. • 5 ft. cord and plug included I was putting in way more than one light. As a part of the sponsorship, Home Fixated is receiving compensation for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. Before installing your lights… For most of my project, I used the full length of the chains to hang the lights. • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 84 If you have a lot of lights to hang, the screw hooks are available in a 50 pack. If we center one row, then add two more rows spaced 8' apart (B=8), then the outer rows will be 4' (C=4) from the walls. Because LED shop lights are hung on a hook with chains, the first step is to measure the distance between the two sets of chains and mark the hanging point. Get access to free prizes, product sneak-peeks, reviews, how-to's and much more. Phil’s path to the pinnacle of success as HomeFixated’s Senior Writer was long and twisted. Since I was using a switch to control them, I just ignored the chains. If you’ll be hanging the lights from nails, a hammer will make it much easier to pound them in. Here is the user manual, I hope it will help. Getting the LED shop lights ready to go up is fast and easy. The total light … For this reason, LED m… When I went up to hang the light, the “power in” connector faced the cable dangling from the previous light. The sides of the shop will be too dark. In the area above the overhead door, I hung them just below the joists. This allowed for the 12” cable and a 3” setback on each light where the chains connected. • 3,200 Lumens Filed Under: Garage, How To, Lighting, Sponsored Tagged With: add led shop lights, commercial electric led lights, Install LED Shop Lights, led garage lights, led shop lights. The trusses are spaced 24” apart, and I decided to hang a row of lights on every third joist, meaning the rows would be six feet apart. Find the Best LED Shop Lights. Hopefully your ceiling is too high to reach from the floor, in which case you’ll need a stepladder. Picking the Right LED Shop Light - Down to a Quick Science! Proper lighting levels help ensure safety and comfort. Most importantly, they are energy-saving. This layout lights the shop well. It was a pretty short battle. All expressed opinions and experiences are our own words. If you’re using the five-foot connector, space your hangars 54” apart. And it’s mine, all mine! I decided that by using four lights from front to rear, and another row perpendicular to those running across the back, I should have great coverage. I now have an amazing amount of light in my shop. • Color Temperature: Bright White • Up to 9 units may be linked together using 13 in. LED shop lights are usually used in places with a high demand for illumination. Because LED shop lights are hung on a hook with chains, the first step is to measure the distance between the two sets of chains and mark the hanging point. To be assured of banishing the darkness, I bought twelve of them, and the Home Depot provided another 13 for this review. The right level of lighting is dependant on the type of workplace and nature of work. If you want to install LED light strips in your car, make sure to purchase strips that plug into the cigarette lighter so you don’t have wire them directly to the fuse box. And that’s it. Length. How to connect LED strip lights to mains power supply. They crank out 3,200 lumens of bright light, you can link up to nine of them together with the included cords, they’re easy to install, and they’re reasonably priced. Measure the length of all areas where you’ll install your strip lighting. If you’re going to install LED shop lights using the end-to-end connectors, set the distance between chains from one light to the next at 6”. New LED Shop Lighting Installation If you’re doing new construction or need more lighting in an existing space the first thing to do is figure out what type of LED you may want to use, get the specification … Check out our tutorial on “How to wire a switched outlet.”. When choosing LED strip lights, you must determine how much strip you’ll be powering. Now if I can only banish those greenhouse components… The Commercial Electric 4’ LED shop lights come with a five-year warranty, and are returnable for 90 days, so you have a risk-free opportunity to see what life can be like beyond the dark ages. The first light from each row of lights was plugged into the outlets, and the remaining LED shop lights in each row were powered by the linking cables. Here’s the list of features and specs from the home Depot: • Energy Star rated He is currently semi-retired, but continues to take on little projects, such as the total renovation of an old farmhouse. This is the hardest part of replacing and installing LED lights. This will keep dirt, bugs, and other undesirable cooties from getting in. When you get to the last fixture in each chained group, stick the little end cap into the connector hole at the end of the fixture. Led tube light … My 25 LED shop lights consume 900 watts, the same as nine 100-watt incandescent bulbs. LED strip lights can add bright light to your desk or countertops and add amazing colorful light to a rec room, boat, or camper. By installing 4 foot LED shop lights, you not only enhance lighting but also improve the beauty of your room. Besides high brightness, they have a long service life, and you don’t need to change them often. To bring the power to my installation, I installed a duplex receptacle midway between each row of lights, connected to a wall switch by the door. The kitchen LED conversion is complete. Insert one end of the cable line into it. Now you can watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to install LED shop lights with easy steps. ☀SUPER BRIGHT - This led shop light fixture is more than 1800 lumens output, 18w led ceiling light fixture low power consumption, the led shop light save 85% on your electricity bill. To determine how many lights I would need, I started a few feet back from the front wall, which will have no work areas, and did some rough calculations. This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. Then, screw in the light bulbs that may be included in your package. Reflectors Some LED shop lights will include reflectors on the side of the fixture, to help direct the light downwards. How do I install the 4′ shop lights if I don’t have the power cable?? For “lighter” projects, they’re also available in smaller quantities in the bagged-goods section of the fastener aisle. Insert the tube and screw the hook into the ceiling to fix it. Installing LED tape is very straightforward, although some basic wiring may be required depending on the type of tape you are using. After way too many years of stowing my tools in random spaces, and having to set up my table saw up in the driveway, I finally have a real workshop! And that’s it – get shopping! You can get ready-to-stick LED strips at electronics store, but they … The other S-hook can be attached to the other end of the chain, if you’ll be hanging the light from a hook. These Little Lights Of Mine, I’m Gonna Let ‘Em Shine. One final item to consider if you plan to install LED shop lights in a garage or other building with an overhead door: Make sure the lights are set high enough that they don’t interfere with the door as it opens and closes. 4) How do I install an LED shop light? There’s also a 10’ high x 12’ wide garage door. Check your clearance before installing the lights by opening the door and getting up on a ladder. • Rated 50,000 hours Connect the bare ground wire to the other bare ground wires in the receptacle box or to the green terminal screw on the receptacle. The “power in” end of the fixture looks like Mickey Mouse with a Mohawk; the “power out” end looks like a bald-headed Mickey. • Returnable: 90-Day. In workshops, adequate lighting is also important for maximizing productivity and reducing mistakes. As it happens, most of the lights are shipped with the pull chains in the “OFF” position, so I got to make a bonus trip up the heavy ladder to tug each chain into the “ON” position for the first couple of rows. Secure the switch and the outlet in their boxes with the screws. To get consistent placement, I used the following spacing: 42” between the chains on each light, and 18” between chains on adjacent lights. • Light Bulb Type Included: Integrated LED There’s a little hardware bag that has two hanging chains with S-hooks attached to one end, along with the power cord, a linking cable, an end-to-end connector, two more S-hooks, and an end cap. You can save some money if you need multiple … It previously had a single florescent fixture to light in the entire shop… Some LED … I set them into the side of the ceiling joists, about an inch or so up from the bottom, and banged them in about ¾” – 1”. I came up with a final tally of 25 lights. The Koda™ Linkable Shop Light with Motion Sensor and Remote is your premier smart shop light solution for any personal or work space.