Resale is a consideration as we are considering moving out of state in 2 years or so (DH wants to, I'm on the fence) and I'm remodeling not just so I can enjoy the new space but also to make the kitchen fit better with the rest of our house. […] ones. Holy Cow!!! Updating - your cabinets look great! Awesome! Check your fit and Boom, Hello Door with pretty cathedral arches. Good to have a handy (and willing) husband :). And the color is fabulous! I didn't have any 42 inches though. I just don't know if it will work with the creamy white that I want to use for the cabinets, and using a grayed white on the cabinets might not work with the warm tones we've used throughout the rest of the house. Very nice. Question, most of my drawers are only 5 1/2" tall. The counters have gray in them, and so do the floors. . Cathedral cabinet doors are rounded with an arch at the top, originating from the medieval period. I got so excited to see the cabinets project because I want to paint mine, and am afraid f making a mess of them. Afterwards, check if you need to reapply any wood filler to even out the surface (you should not be able to see where nails were placed). Consider two tone cabs, dark on the bottom, light on top, and colors in addition to black and white. With the island painted a different color. When we first moved into our condo, this is what the kitchen cabinets looked like…. There are a bunch of places to order new hinges online. Hmmmm…now to find those pictures. Thanks for posting the pics. The goal is to try and cover the wood grain as much as possible in the painting process, but I was thinking I should buy oak so the final paint finish on the replacement doors matches the other doors and bases. Using some glass inserts also would help a lot in lightening the look. Was it difficult to figure out the right measurements for the full overlay replacement doors and hinges? Honestly, I don't see using white in this kitchen. So here are the steps I took: They’re not perfect by any means, and they also don’t match the new cabinet doors perfectly, but I really don’t think that anyone would notice if I’d stop pointing it out. I'm pretty undecided right now but we're still working on a bathroom/office project so I have a month or two to decide. I think that current wine display would look GREAT st up for cake plates! Choose Options. My layout is actually pretty good and the cabinet frames are in very solid condition with nice pullouts, so if we end up staying these changes will keep me happy and hold off a major remodel for over 5-10 years. The spline makes an added feature as seen from the top or bottom. . nosoccermom - I love before and afters! Thank you for the inspiration. Let the palladian stand on its own. OK, I'm completely into white kitchens. $18.99 $0.01. Once you've made the decision to replace your kitchen cabinet doors, you'll need to decide on what kind of doors you want. I think all the Decora stuff (including end panels for pantry and peninsula) were in the $1.5K range. I'm also going to modify the open cabinet with the wine storage, and either install a door here or just have open shelving for some of my pretty cake plates. To really change the look, Cunningham and her husband also attached strips of wood to the fronts of the cabinets and drawers, covering up the cathedral arch in the cabinets and creating a faux Shaker style. . This post was edited by juddgirl2 on Tue, Apr 29, 14 at 17:57. There are four online resellers that I'm aware of: The Cabinet Joint, The Cabinet Authority, Northern Granite and Cabinetry, and Cabinet Makers Choice. Change out the Frame and Panel Master Jig to Panel Mode. Any hints? I took my time on this step just to be sure I was cutting straight lines. You can see that the doors. £1,234 . I wish I had the time to research the post, but I was amazed at how beautiful they were and how little they cost - These were cabinet and drawer fronts. Slab and 5-piece drawer fronts are available to match the door styles that I like. Hi juddgirl2, thanks. I really am. Here's an often posted picture for the open shelves but she painted the cathedral upper doors and they look great here. I have considered painting the kitchen cabinets{{gwi:807}} SW Dover White though, which is one shade lighter. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Learn what’s in your concrete and about sustainability to make a healthy choice for your home and the earth, Learn the pros, cons, cost and more for these two easy-to-use paints that are great for giving furniture a vintage look, Closet doors are often an afterthought, but these pros show how they can enrich a home's interior design, Avoid blunders and get the storage space and layout you need by asking these questions before you begin, Before you go making a mountain out of a mulch hill, learn the facts about what your plants and soil really want, Here’s what you should find out before selecting an agent to sell your home, A coat of white paint can do wonders in one room and wreak havoc in another. I also was thinking that I could do a thin bead board panel instead of the flat wood panels. I would be so appreciative if you could tell me what depth your panels are. Thermofoil (RTF) Raised Panel with Cathedral Doors - Frosty White. Related products Add to Wishlist. Select the Door Style to the Right and Choose Your Wood Type; Door Rails and Stiles are 3/4" thick; The stiles and rails are 2 1/4" wide, standard on all doors. Notice how the cabinet door stiles overlap the ends of the rails. I measured the opening of each frame, allowing for an overlap of about 1/4″ on each side. Seriously, this sled is awesome. It will also save me from a lot of labor filling and sanding the oak grain! The door front has a raised panel with a curve-shaped arch in the top of the panel and in the top rail. There will always be people who are in the market for more traditional wood cabinets. Choose Options. It is a yellow-based, creamy white, and I love how it looks softer than bright white against our warm walnut stained floors, as you can see in the picture. In Europe, the darker oak is making a come-back and it's already at IKEA. Modifying or replacing just the uppers and keeping the lowers would save some money but I'd still have the oak grain to deal with as well as the partial overlay, and wouldn't have the same updated look as replacing all. I like Ben Moore, white dove. Amazing Inspiration to Re-Do instead of buying New! Remove all the hardware from the cabinet doors. Copyright 2007-2019 - Kristi Linauer, LLC. I really wish it was just the smooth arch. We're in an area with higher priced custom homes, and we've updated almost everything inside and outside of the house except for the kitchen, which was done by the previous owner just before we moved in. You rock ! Not that I want to talk you out of painting, but I think with new SS appliances instead of the black ones and a light backsplash, darker oak could look stunning, especially if you replace some of the uppers with glass cabinets. Discover (and save!) Panel time. EAM44 - I'm trying to love the cathedral arch! but I am totally inspired ! Also, we actually use the top cabinet for stuff. Here is a pic of the before color. Wait, stop. When I had all of the panels glued on, I stacked the doors and left them overnight to dry. Painting that many doors and drawer fronts is a big task. I was skeptical when I first started reading the post but my hat’s off to you. I have 17 upper doors and half of them are 42" tall so even replacing doors might be a more expensive update than I thought. I am going to do this to my bathroom cabinets. I just find it hard to believe that there's no way to get the Pledge off the cupboards to allow painting, or that specialty shops haven't found a fix for this. I've been using a brush and sanding it back down, but that seems less than optimal, and I often end up sanding down to the wood around the edges (oops). They’ll go from raised panel to recessed panel, and the total cost…ten […]. You can get an arch top light in the single door if you want to try to echo the palladian .. but I wouldn't do that since the sidelights and wider front door element lend themselves more to the rectangular lights. It was a tricky application because we matched some newly purchased cabinets for the island. When I had them all cut, I was left with a bunch of frames. My cabinet doors are not solid wood. He was very set in his ways and wouldn't try any new products. You need to realize that this type of cabinet door requires more tools, skill and time to create. We can afford the minor update now and I don't expect to get back 100% when we sell, so the update is partly just for me to enjoy, whether it's for a few years or several! Wow! I looked at some photos of this color on Houzz and like this lighter option more than Edgecomb Gray. Google cathedral oak refinish, and you'll see a lot of photos. Looking at you tube videos gave me the courage to go the DIY route. Just need to figure out how big or small the budget will be :). I'm sure that was a lot of work but worth it. The cabinets are solid, with all the pullouts and lazy susans, etc., and the layout is fine, although I would have changed a few things if I could afford to completely remodel the space. I remember seeing your kitchen a while back and that your grown children and their significant others spent lots of time with you in the kitchen. I put in quartz countertops at the urging of my DH instead of just doing laminate. You can use a prep product for the oak doors that will reduce the look of the grain, and in the end you will hardly notice the difference, I think. Maybe I can ask DH if he would build an enclosure for a hood, like this: I removed all of the doors from the cabinets, and make a workspace outside on two 5-gallon buckets. Coordinate your new cabinet look with existing appliances and furniture, as well as any woodwork sharing the same space (especially in an open-plan kitchen/living/dining area). Hope you don’t mind! Or I wonder if you could go lighter, like this: With respect to "attaching" molding to the fronts, this is what they say:"To give the dark, grainy oak cabinets a fresh, Shaker-style look, they attached 3 1/4 -inch-wide strips of wood (mitered at the corners) to the front of each drawer and cupboard. I didn’t realize how busy the raised panels made the kitchen look. I was going to remove the wallpaper and paint the walls along wit he wood in the powder room. The prior owners didn't install the flooring under the cabinets, unfortunately. At Cabinet Doors 'N' More, we allow you to fully customize your cabinet doors by offering a wide range of top-quality materials to match any aesthetic preference. Go for a classic traditional divided light on the upper door and divided sidelights. I love your website! Think of how much more gorgeous the other elements could be if you're not spending money on new doors. We ended up buying the stain and toner from the cabinet manufacturer. The right shade of gray will bring those two elements together, and since the counters already go well with the floors, it will be all you need to have this kitchen be "updated". your own Pins on Pinterest Thank you for all the input. All Rights Reserved. Good morning, and happy Monday to you!! Draw them both up on graph paper to scale so you can see the differences. Hate it with a passion, so I understand your urge to at least get rid of that design element. I got 10 doors in different sizes for $160.00 including shipping. I've always wondered whether it were possible to just go to a custom wood shop and get a quote for a re-vamp. And it was actually quite nice. Thanks, just love your blog so inspiring. In addition to local cabinet makers, there are many sites to order replacement doors for DYI, as well as companies that specialize in door replacement. Both times, I had technical difficulties. My DH is pretty handy. Your options include custom doors, semi-custom, stock or ready-to-assemble (RTA), and whether or not you want wood, veneer or laminate. It's on the Sherwin-Williams site. I have had one for 20+ years and will replace it with another white kitchen. If I just paint the cabinets and don't change the doors or counter, I would definitely want to remodel much sooner (but DH won't!). In fact, I was shocked when a very non-traditional friend of ours recently pronounced that anything but wood cabinets seem "cheap" to him. It would definitely be an improvement if I decide not to paint. These cabinets turned out great and the process looks fairly easy! We have small children and planned on getting the work done prior to move in. My advice - Add large sidelights and a single fir door. Out of curiosity I googled "Fisheye paint" and found a discussion of a product called "fisheye eliminator", in which a small amount of this product is added to paint. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. Does that make sense or should I buy maple to save work in covering the grain for these doors? Linelle, that's a great attitude! I've look at enough before and afters where people have painted or stained their cathedral oak, and I know it won't bother me when all is done. Your kitchen cabinets look completely new! But there's just me in the kitchen and I knew I was keeping all the bad with the good. It'll be exciting to see how you proceed!Probably the next (big) step would be to see how much work painting is and whether you'd like the results. Insert the panel. It’s amazing what paint can do! Just an idea, but if you are going to be painting your current cabinets, is there any chance at all that they can be pulled out, reconfigured, and reinstalled in a floorplan that works well for those family gatherings? I love this! I'm trying to make peace with the arched uppers but don't want to keep them even after seeing all the great before and afters. Then I did a very quick wipe on and immediate wipe off of rustoleum dark walnut to warm up the gray. Not the type of set up that most general painters would have. Great buy for anyone renovating a kitchen. He insisted you couldn't wash it. I used this to cut out the inside panel, right up against the frame that I wanted to keep. Re replacing the hood, would you recommend removing the cabinets over the cooktop and using a chimney style stainless steel hood or just a stainless hood under the cabinets with a taller profile than the slide-out we have now? . I just spent a few hours on that site pricing doors! I stayed within my budget, paid cash, and am thankful everyday that I have a house to call my own. "We purchased contractor packs of pre-primed baseboards, with 10 or 12 pieces for around $30," she says. I'm also considering replacing my cathedral doors with painted shaker - Ben Moore white dove. We decided not to replace the arched doors. I think you may run in the same issues, so I'd just go with a nice SS hood under a top cabinet. I always, always paint cabinets and trim with oil-based paint (and I will until they take it off the market…grrrrr!!!!). on the existing cabinets, keep the granite, and leave well enough alone. I have a jumble of spices and food items to the left and right of my range, so it wouldn't be very attractive to have glass doors. Oh, won’t my manfriend be totally overjoyed to learn THAT ? I have Antique White crown molding and trim in the kitchen so hopefully that would work with the cabinet color. ", The cupboards were sanded and then painted with several coats of semigloss in a palette of creamy white (for the upper cupboards), charcoal (for the lower cupboards) and French gray (for taller pantry storage and the wall oven cabinetry).". Here's another idea. But after seeing your kitchen I think I can also get the updated look I'm seeking and save money just be refacing the fronts and painting. . I can't advise you get double doors again - they are inappropriate to the architecture of your classic house. Also, I'm not sure if it's possible, but maybe I could order larger sizes to achieve more of a full overlay look. greenhaven - I definitely hear what you're saying and if I thought we'd be doing a major remodel in just a few years I wouldn't be thinking about changing the counter or doors. Which doors do you suggest replacing with glass? What do the backside of the doors look like? Add a simple crown & light rail. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. Inverkip, Inverclyde. The wood is solid wood cabinetry although it's from 1987. Find out whether that barn door you love is the right solution for your space, Thinking in advance about how you use your space will get your first design consultation off to its best start. I'm seriously considering replacing all the doors and drawers. "Once everything is cut to size, we attached the strips to the cabinet fronts with the nail gun. After thinking about it and taking everyone's advice into consideration, I think I'd be happy with replacing all doors and drawers to get an updated look, and don't necessarily need to replace the cabinets since the boxes are still good. I am just about finished with a low-to-mid-level facelift in my kitchen. Here is a link that might be useful: cabinetnow RTA cabinets. Insert the panel back into the jig and flush trim the panel. The cabinet fronts and drawers should be taken to a shop and sprayed with conversion varnish (not paint) and the cabinets sprayed in your home. That could be an option although it would add to the price significantly for this many pieces. Framed cabinets tend to be outfitted with overlay panel doors. Earthbound anchors. Since you're painting, you can fill the holes where the hinges are and paint over them. So, yes, the uppers to the right in your kitchen would be nice for glass doors and open up the kitchen a lot. I had to strip to bare wood, then I stained with rustoleum sunbleached (now called driftwood) and let this really absorb before wiping, even sometimes applying a second coat to get a very gray base. The new color, molding, hardware, counters, etc, will make the cathedral arches fade to the background. Brushed gold or black pulls and knobs are very on-trend. I think I talked my hubs into letting me paint ours that color! Thermofoil material is applied to high-density fiberboard (MDF) using an intense heat and pressure-bonding process to ensure durability. I already ordered the KitchenAid stainless steel appliances, which are on hold until I figure out the cabinets and counter. You have the guts to do what I have been think!! I liked that look for my kitchen. For cathedral style doors you’ll want to choose hardware that has slightly softer lines (ie: #9, 10, 12), nothing too tubular or sleek. Lets fast forward to move in day! I prefer warm neutrals. They weren't soft-close, so I added Blum adapters myself, easy and inexpensive. I was thinking maybe the 4 doors at the top of the U - over what is now the open dish display but might become wine storage. Stripping is a lot of work, but it's the only way you can get a lighter wood color or get new stain to absorb evenly. Update hardware. I don't dislike the partial overlay I have too much though. My sister's father-in-law was a professional painter his whole life. LOL ! You are SO brave to tackle removing those raised panels ! Not sure if I want to keep the cabinets over the cooktop or replace with a stainless hood to break up the wood. You are so talented! My GC, who I would never hire again, cheaped out on hinges and left some gaps between doors. I'll definitely put those on the list of DIYs to get done this week. Also, not sure if it's so great to replace these cabinets with cheaper maple/MDF cabinets. I have a camper (made in the 90's) the kitchen is very functional but dated aka ugly! Those are awesome. I do the same thing and point out my flaws in my work. And maybe just paint the side of your peninsula where the stools are. I used very thin wood with a stainable/paintable. Report. Another option I'm now considering is to replace all doors and drawers in the paint grade alder and MDF panel. Only when the front door is actually archtopped does that work well and that precludes sidelights - which you will want to maintain the light you get now. A 10-15k update if we might sell is doable, a 50-60K update is not. You did an absolutely brilliant job, so pretty too!