As the child of Mr. Franklin Richards is destined to be one of the most powerful mutants in the future of the Marvel Universe. Franklin Benjamin Richards was born in New York City to Reed and Susan Richards. [67], It was recently discovered by Professor X and Cerebro that Franklin was never truly a mutant, but that his powerful reality altering powers made him one because of his desire to be special. Franklin Richard’s powers aren’t just theorized about. Fantastic but due to exposure from cosmic radiation while in the womb was born a mutant with unimaginable reality-warping abilities. Franklin Richards was shown/stated to be greatly afraid of the power of the Beyonder. Ironically, according to Nathaniel Richards, Hyperstorm is the son of the Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers of yet another alternate future. It is uncertain exactly which of the FF's enemies carried out the attack, or why (there is speculation that Reed carried out the attack himself to allow him and Sue to keep the kids), but it was enough to convince Child Welfare. To resurrect him, Ashema melded with Franklin's consciousness, acquiring his human perspective on life and death. Franklin expended the rest of his powers in battle in a single punch, currently making him a depowered mutant. In the out-of-continuity humor series Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius, Katie Power appears as a classmate of Franklin who comes to visit him at the Baxter Building. Benjamin Grimm asked the help of the Tinkerer, who was an inmate in Prison 42 within the Negative Zone. Superhero battle match: Franklin Richards versus Phoenix. [76], An adult version of Franklin was once described as "the great enemy of the omniversal order".[77]. Since the time he was an infant, Franklin’s abilities began to appear. [43], In the beginning of the Skrull strike on Earth, the Skrull Lyja, impersonating Sue Richards, sent the entire Baxter Building into the Negative Zone with Franklin, Valeria, and Johnny Storm inside. In one alternate timeline, Franklin even became a member of the mutant team of X-Men. [41], When the Scarlet Witch used her powers to depower countless mutants, including Magneto and Prof. Xavier, the power lost by Magneto and Xavier combined and restored Onslaught (whose consciousness still remained lingering after his death), who was now determined to kill Franklin Richards and every hero in existence. Whenever there is a scientific problem thought to be too complex to be solved, Reed Richards is there to prove the world wrong. Among these abilities are telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, precognition, and astral projection. Galactus himself considers Franklin the most powerful mutant ever born, and that shouldn't really come as much of a surprise. Nom d'emprunt : Richard Franklin. In order to protect his family and the world around them, Reed has tried to use several different devices to inhibit Franklin’s abilities. On one of these occasions, Franklin is speaking to an adult version of himself that seemingly confirms his own immortality. [27], The malevolent entity Onslaught captured Franklin in order to manipulate the child's latent ability to reshape reality. Franklin was too young and inexperienced to control the vast energies building up within him, and Reed Richards feared that his son would be unable to prevent himself from releasing enough psionic energy to destroy all life on Earth. [71] Allegedly, his powers seems to derive from a dimension of pure power nicknamed the Godpower, a source of energy which fuels the powers of various superhumans via their mitochondria. When Charles Xavier tried to convince Franklin's parents that their son should join their new nation of Krakoa, Franklin and Kate Pryde went for a walk without telling them. Osborn was led into a room where he faced Franklin wearing a Spider-Man mask and called him a villain, making him chase them in the building and intending to shot them down. Franklin Richards (Adult) Both are in full control of their mutant powers, and are at their peak. In a surprising twist, it soon turned out that Franklin Richards didn’t just have superpowers like the rest of the family, he was also one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Realizing he still lacked the emotional maturity to control his vast powers, Franklin transformed himself back into a child, imposing psychic "dampers" in his mind so he could not use his full powers until he achieved the necessary psychological maturity. Angry, he snapped that she should try to make him. Most mutants fall into ceratin power classifications. Once he booted it up, he received a telepathic message from Professor Xavier. Franklin returned home, Bucky found herself on Earth-616, and Onslaught was last seen floating outside Prison 42 in the Negative Zone. The Fantastic Four disbanded and became the Future Foundation. Though a child, Franklin’s cosmic-level psionic powers attracted Super Villains from across the multiverse. See more ideas about franklin richards, marvel comics, marvel. In a conversation with the world eater Galactus, the two powerful beings talk about the eventual end of all things. Through this revelation, he was not longer welcome on Krakoa or with the X-Men. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Who wins and why? Based on the ability of some reality warpers to increase their strength (such as Mad Jim Jaspers[88] and Freedom Ring[89]), we can presume that Franklin can augment his strength to incalculable levels by manipulating reality or using telekinesis. Franklin Richards (currently known as Powerhouse)is a hero from Marvel comics, most associated with the Fantastic Four, he is the son of Invisible Woman and Mr. [63] Franklin accepted Doom's offer, but then his family and the X-Men came to the island after the Four had spied on their nation. The adolescent Franklin journeyed back in time, arriving in the Fantastic Four's headquarters mere moments after Nathaniel had abducted him as a child. In aid of his reality-warping abilities are his powers to control the molecular structure of any physical object. In fact, only an extremely fed Galactus[54] and Reed Richards with the Universal Entropy Gun[75] were capable to perform this feat, while even the Ultimate Nullifier was unable to destroy one Mad Celestial (though it could be attributed to the wielder's weak mind). [44][45], Facing the news of mutant and anti-mutant riots in San Francisco, Franklin asked his mother and father why people hate mutants and if that meant they hate him. Autres noms : Tattletale ; Psi-Lord. He is also known as an Alpha-Level Mutant, and stated to among the most powerful mutants on Earth, sometimes the most powerful. Franklin began manifesting his powers while still a toddler due to his parents' radiation-altered genes, which drew the attention of Annihilus, who sought to use Franklin as a source for his own resurgence, transferring some measure of the child's latent power to himself with a gene-based machine, and releasing Franklin's full potential in the process. For unknown reasons, soon before she was to give birth to Franklin, Susan Richards' blood cells were observed to be carrying a strange form of energy that threatened the lives of both herself and the baby. None however managed to pass through Sue's barrier. [49], An alternate version of himself from the future returned, and stated "Rest ... and remember what you are." Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), Virtually unlimited command of all forms of Energy Projection, 603 Appearances of Franklin Richards (Earth-616), 27 Minor Appearances of Franklin Richards (Earth-616), Media Franklin Richards (Earth-616) was Mentioned in, 283 Images featuring Franklin Richards (Earth-616), 25 Quotations by or about Franklin Richards (Earth-616), Character Gallery: Franklin Richards (Earth-616), Franklin Richards (Earth-616) on, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z hardcover Vol. [16] In the normal course of events, Franklin's psionic powers would presumably increasingly emerge as he grew older until they reach their full, vast potential when he achieved maturity. [13], Franklin Richards has been stated to be an Omega Level Mutant. They took the battle to High Evolutionary's city where one of the Reeds escaped with Doctor Doom and the other two were captured by the Kree army. Franklin’s main power is reality warping. He was moved to tears, repented and agreed to help, in exchange for his freedom and reunion with his grandkids. They were one of the greatest creations of Stan Lee, and have long been a staple in Marvel comics. This wasn’t just another collection of superheroes, it was a family. [28] However, Franklin, who remained safely on Earth, had unconsciously used his vast psionic powers to create a "pocket" universe in another reality, to which he transported the vanished heroes. For a long period Reed Richards was held captive by an enemy known as Hyperstorm. Franklin Richards has been stated to be an Omega Level Mutant.The Celestials have described him as being Beyond Omega Classification. When Franklin achieves conscious use of his full powers, he will have vast, telepathic powers, tremendous telekinetic powers, the ability to fire enormously-powerful energy blasts, and the ability to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and e… Nathaniel raised Franklin for years in the future, training him to be a warrior and to master his superhuman powers. Franklin's age, which is the subject of much controversy within the Marvel Comics Scaling Timeline, has never been fully stated, although often joked about or hinted at. Identité : Connu de tous. [55] Also, during the same battle the adult Franklin Richards was able to withstand attacks from the Celestials and even destroy one of them. There is no changing who Franklin is. Discover (and save!) 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RELATED: 10 Fantastic Four Villains We Want To See In The MCU. [Legion]: [Franklin... Micklovin4; Thread; Jan 23, 2020; franklin richards legion (marvel comics) marvel comics Replies: 1; Forum: Versus Threads; 2-A Nate Grey. Son of Reed and Sue, Franklin is a mutant. Although his psyche remained that of a child, Franklin could now make full use of his psionic potential. [33] When Franklin dreamed of Valeria’s death at the hand of the cosmic force Abraxas, he and Valeria returned to Earth. Franklin had a hard time coping with the traumatic experience of being tormented in Hell. [48], The Fantastic Four have resurfaced by this point with an angry Invisible Woman telling Osborn "Step away from the children". [28], Franklin subsequently embarked on a journey through other alternate realities with the swamp creature called the Man-Thing, the other-dimensional talking waterfowl Howard the Duck, the alien Tana Nile, and the mutants Artie Maddicks and Leech. All of these devices have failed. Early comic book writers made this decision as a nod to the trying times adolescents have when their bodies first begin to change. Most mutants manifest their powers during puberty. One of the inhibitors appeared to work, but it was later revealed that Franklin could turn it on and off at will. [8], Later, claiming that Franklin's presence in this timeline would lead to destruction, Reed Richards' father Nathaniel abducted the child into the future. Franklin Richards est un super-héros et une entité cosmique potentielle évoluant dans l'univers Marvel de la maison d'édition Marvel Comics. Franklin possesses all of them, making him a deadly foe that only gets more powerful with age. His mutant potential is so much, that even Professor X was unable to classify him. In an attempt to fix all that had been broken, the Richards family sets out to recreate the multiverse. One of the common elements of the superhero costume is the chest symbol. He can reshape the very fabric of the universe, bending its nature and laws to his will. [59], Eight years later, Reed gained the omnipotent power of the Beyonders from the Molecule Man after stripping them from Doctor Doom. Related: Reed Richards' 10 Most Powerful Inventions. Franklin Richards despite his power is still not above The Living Tribunal in both power or authority. Franklin Richards, the son of the Fantastic four’s Reed Richards and Sue Storm, isn’t just a young hero-in-training, but one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Reed revealed that he had build a device in Franklin that made the Gateways not recognize Franklin as a mutant. One of their ideas consisted of using a machine to access and harness the full measure of Franklin's latent powers to create a pocket universe that the inhabitants of Earth could be relocated to. Among his versatile set of abilities are a few psychic ones. [73], As an adult, he was able to turn Galactus into his herald. [23], However, Franklin manifested the power to foresee events from alternate futures in his dreams. There is no telling what Franklin could truly be capable of when he becomes an adult. Reed Richard (aka Mr. [34], In the wake of Mr. [5], Johnny gathered the team together, drawing with fire the symbolic "4" in the sky above the Baxter Building. So we are ready to look closer at Franklin's real power. When it comes to his son, however, Reed has been somewhat of a failure. [40] However, an initial condition was that a "dummy" safe house was to be set up, and a press release to be announced that the children had already been moved. Any wish that Franklin has he can instantly manifest into beings. Presumably, this energy effect is linked with Susan Richards' superhuman powers over energy that enable her to become invisible and to create force fields. His powers have been described as far beyond omega-level mutants such as Apocalypse and Professor Xavier. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. To classify Franklin as merely a superhuman is selling him short. [58] As the final incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610 took place, Franklin's father Reed gathered every person he could upon the life raft including members of the Future Foundation, Franklin, and the rest of his family. Lieu de naissance : New York City, Etats-Unis. FRANKLIN RICHARDS . Aug 3, 2020 - Explore Bradley's board "Franklin Richards" on Pinterest. However, they were in disbelief that he was the son of Susan Storm and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four as they were not married in their reality. With his new powers, Reed brought his family, including Franklin, and the Future Foundation back to life. He is near the level of a god, creating an entire multiverse using only his imagination. Mister Fantastic succeeded in obtaining the Rod and drained energy from it into a special container, which he and his two colleagues then brought to their own dimension. Franklin Richards Franklin is raised by his parents and other members of the Fantastic Four traveling alongside them as they protect the world. Low 2-C vs 2-A The battle takes place in space, and they start 100 meters from each other. [62], He brought them on his hidden Doom Island where he kept the Latverian mutants safe and promised to Franklin to finally fix his power problem. Not long afterwards, the Human Torch seemingly died at the hands of Annihilus to save his family. Franklin Richards is arguably ‘The Most Powerful Superhero' in Marvel Universe. [18] In his early years the sorceress Agatha Harkness acted as Franklin's nanny and protector. [56] Following the incident, Sue informed Reed that Franklin was under the impression that he "disappointed" his father; Reed replied, "I should never have done that. [55] Later, the Baxter Building was rebuilt and Mr. [61], Years following the Future Foundation's multiversal adventures, a mysterious being called the Griever at the End of All Things who repudiated the Future Foundation's mission of creating new universes confronted the team as soon as Franklin was depleted of his ability to create entirely new realities. Franklin’s time at Pier Four proved brief; when catastrophe loomed, Reed and Sue sent Franklin, Puppy, and Caledonia to Haven, a school located on the far side of the universe, where they were soon joined by Valeria. Though a child, Franklin’s cosmic-level psionic powers attracted Super Villains from across the multiverse. What really made the FF stand out was their familial connection to one another. [32] Franklin got a pet, a dog-like creature named Puppy who seemed a younger, smaller twin to the Inhumans' Lockjaw, and a new caretaker, the dimensionally displaced Caledonia.