Today's episode is a grab bag overflowing with riches. We discuss football and politics with running back for the LA Chargers Justin Jackson.We are doing live screening and talkback of Good Vibes at the Iowa State Fair this coming Monday, March 2nd at New Parkway theater in Oakland, CA. Explore Profile Download the Bullhorn App Listen to your favorite channels and podcasts on your mobile device and discover other podcasts you'll love. Felix tried to turn the AC off and spilled a large coffee all over the floor like a stupid oaf. Listen to find out! Dade below: I am an evangelical Christian, the owner of a secondhand boat store, and yes, that was me in the news report about “bathroom encounters.” I sell rudders and motorboards during the day, but I have passions outside of work. Then we try to discuss Trump’s ratfucking of the Post Office but get to riled talking about George H.W. We imagine Joe Biden and Donald Trump's powerful brains going head-to-head, denounce our fellow hosts for their various crimes, and read about an Amazon warehouse worker who just can't get enough of it!More tickets just released for our live show in Des Moines, Iowa, next Tuesday, Aug. 13th:, Our live show from the Traverse City Film Festival, featuring Michael Moore, director of Roger and Me, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, and Capitalism: a Love Story. In Hollywood.We will be in Iowa NEXT WEEK. Watch the walnut head cracking videos referenced here: and here, Amber talks to author and editor Ben Fogel about Brazil's current political crisis, its contemporary political history, and how the left should approach "anti-corruption". We're joined by economist Marshall Steinbaum to discuss the scourge of moderation, as displayed at a recent centrism conference by "the Niskanen Center.". We discuss the latest bit of hilarious right wing hysteria with journalist Will Sommer. Attention, skippers. Having mastered the initial texts of Douthat, we dive deeper into the record of his life and loves at Harvard, his hatred of birth control, and his fevered visions of jihadists killing goth kids in Boston. Here's Matt's patreon: We talk to all-time Chapo guest returning champ Derek Davison (@dwdavison9318) about Dr. Sebastian Gorka, one of the many pygmy Strangeloves of the Trump foreign policy crew. The first of our 2-part review of Hulu's HILLARY, a documentary series on the life and works of Hillary Clinton. Listen to our first D'Souzaverse episode feat. Chapo Trap House & Black Wolf Feed (Chapo Premium Feed Bootleg) Feb 02 2021 395. links: Baseball Crank storify by @Odd_Hack Catch up on Rod Dreher's the Exorcist Pt. Then Joe Mande joins us to talk about the grim world of Maury Povich, YouTube Boy Jake Paul, and Van Halen's mission of peace in the 90s. We're back from our vacation to the Japanese suicide forest to start 2018 off right. We also talk about the thing with the Russian bounties, Obama’s re-emergence from retirement and Kevin D. Williamson’s weird fixation on leaf blowers. Here's a little Thanksgiving bonus for you all: Producer Chris talks to members of the Tallahassee DSA about their disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Michael. Few tickets left for our UK shows in Glasgow (6/3), London Early (6/5) and Manchester (6/7). Sacramento, CA Feb 28 @ Ace of Spades San Francisco, CA Feb 29 @ Palace of Fine Arts, We catch up on the New York Time's sputtering dual-wield endorsement, the increasingly barren supply of oppo against Bernie Sanders, develop a new theory of socialist-monarchism, and check in on Trump's War on Big Dookies.COME SEE US ON OUR PRIMARY STATE TOUR! Happy New Year! Watch Fighting in the Age of Loneliness here: Felix mentions Shannon Strucci's Fake Friends videos, find them here: Tickets to E1 Live feat. Join Chapo & Street Fight for their not-Last Waltz. ALSO: We’re going to watch and do a live commentary on Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” tomorrow night (Tues. 2/9), starting at 10 pm EST over on! Then, we discuss the ultimate triumph of Trump over the weak failsons of the conservative right and game out the general election. Virgil considers starting an OnlyFans. It's another movie ep: We talk about Mark Mark and Peter Berg's new terrorism film "Patriots Day" and also the super bowl. please check out all the great ContraPoints videos:, U.S. Pacific territories: What are they? Virgil hops on Zoom with friend of the show Slavoj Žižek to discuss sex, lies and COVID.Check out Slovj’s new book PANDEMIC 2, and get a 10% discount on it with offer code “CHAPO” at Most of this is about America’s’ decrepitly aged political class, and how that affects accountability and political power among Democrats. Go to or for tickets. Then, to cleanse the palette, they talk about everyone's favorite Olympics movie, 1993's Cool Runnings., This week we're joined by Splinter's Katherine Krueger to do a book report on James Comey's "A Higher Loyalty" and learn about ethical leadership from the former FBI director. You can do it on your own from home, there’s a chatbox if you need help, and there’s a community on Slack of other callers to talk to. And finally, we try to imagine a democratic party without lawyers, consultants, bankers, officers, prosecutors...Buttigieges. BECOME A GREY WOLF: BUY TIX TO OUR SATURDAY LIVE SHOW: Will Republicans solidify their stranglehold on power?, We wrap up Bernie's victory in the New Hampshire primary and take a look at the field as we go in to Nevada and beyond, including canvassing stories from the field and an explanation of just what's going on with the Nevada Culinary Union's endorsement of "Goals".Help Bernie volunteers get to South Carolina: up new designs and newly restocked Chapo merch! Discover the American psychosis that infected the country post-9/11. Jezza turned Labour and the whole UK left around, in a historic upset. Love those boys: On our 50th episode, we recall our humble beginnings and listen to messages of love and devotion from friends of the show. Matt, Will & Chris sum up the aftermath of the midterm elections, defend Western civilization from those who would destroy it, and check in on insufferable public intellectual Bernard Henri Levy's one twat show. Sync up with the film as we countdown on the ep and watch along with us. We then examine Alan Dershowitz' floundering social life and discuss why he ACTUALLY should be ostracized from society. But he's only in this for like 2 minutes so it's fine. We also make a critical evaluation of the newest artist to emerge in the cinematic genre of Angry Conservative Yells in Car. Writer and organizer R.L. And it's a jam packed season premiere: New co-host Amber A'Lee Frost and guests Matt Karp of the Princeton boys club and Connor Kilpatrick of Jacobro magazine. See you here again in another year, maybe. Chris picks Matt’s mind on a few topics from our rapidly evolving political moment, and some topics Matt’s brought up in his recent live streams. To listen to Blowback now, sign up for a free month of Stitcher Premium at with the code 'BLOWBACK'. Also Virgil solves the Israel-Palestine conflict. Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Borat, Curb Your Enthusiasm) stops by the trap to discuss his new docuseries, "Dangerous World of Comedy". The second half was recorded the next day and it’s our second official reading of Ben Shapiro’s catshit novel “True Allegiance.” Ultimately everything turned out alright. We talk a bunch of dumb shit about video games and a Certain Kind of archetypal American Dirtbag. Then we read from the book of Caleb.